Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally Celebrating Noah's Birthday...

Last weekend we finally celebrated Noah's birthday. Ryan and I had given him his gifts on his birthday, along with the gifts that Grandma and Grandpa Mahlberg and Auntie Diane had sent. When I asked Noah what kind of cake he wanted, he said, "Thomas cake, momma". So, we had to order a train cake pan online.

After I picked the kids up from Theresa's on Friday, Noah helped me to make his birthday cake. He added all the ingredients to the mixer except for cracking the egg. When the cake came out of the oven, Noah wanted to frost it immediately. I told him he had to wait for it to cool, so he kept checking it every 5 minutes to see if it had cooled off. I had Ryan decorate it after Noah went to bed, and then we hid the cake so that Noah would be surprised when he saw it.

On Saturday, we got a call from Dad that Mom was in the ER because she had a flare up of diverticulitis and that they would not be able to make it (we understood). Then, we got a call from our neighbors, Pam and Tim, that they would not be able to make it either, because Pam's father was very sick and they needed to go to him (we understood that too). So, Noah's birthday party consisted of us, Jaime, Bill, Rori, Liam, Brendan, and our friends Jeff and Jenny. Auntie Val and Uncle Randy flew down and came over for a little while. Noah had a good time with his cousins, and had a really good day!

As you are looking at the collage below, make sure you notice the pictures of Juliana "bullying" Brendan- hee hee.


  1. The Mahlbergs throw a party like no one else!!!--Uncle Bill (#2)

  2. It looks like Juliana decided that Brendan didn't need his socks on. Too cute! Love the cake...great decorating job! It looks like Noah had a fun party.

  3. The birthday ain't over yet for Noah or for you, Jenna. You both may surpass Uncle Bill for the longest lasting birthdays!!! We will celebrate again over the Easter Weekend, where Gramma and Frampa have more presents!

  4. I CAN'T believe I MISSED my Ray's birthday:( Juliana sure knows how to handle the boys! That's my girl!