Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday, Juliana had her endoscopy. Juliana wasn't allowed to eat after midnight on Sunday, so I got up at 11:45 at night to try to get her to eat. It was a no-go. We got up early, because we needed to leave for the hospital by 6. Theresa was nice enough to open early for us, so that we could drop Noah off. We got to the hospital on time, and found where we were supposed to be. They called us back to our room, and we had to get Juliana in her hospital gown. The gown was clearly made for bigger child, but we did the best we could. I have a cute picture of her on my phone, with the gown hanging off of her.

We filled out the paperwork, talked to the anesthesiologist, who told us that she would put the IV in after Juliana went to "sleep"- they put a mask of gas over her mouth to knock her out. Then, Dr. Smith came in and talked to us and flirted with Juliana. He told us it would take about 15 minutes and then she would be back with us. Then, they whisked her out of the room. Ryan and I settled in for the wait.

While we were waiting, one of the nurses came to tell us that Juliana had done a real good job. She had fought the gas but had finally "given in" and fell asleep with her giant cow stuffed animal tucked against her. We then watched as a few other parents were taken into their rooms with their babies to wait for their endoscopies.

All of a sudden Juliana was back in the room with us. Dr. Smith came in and told us he didn't find any ulcers or irritations, but had taken some biopsies to check for microscopic irritations. The anesthesiologist told us she did really well, but we needed to keep her hand with the IV away from her face while she woke up. What no one mentioned to us, was that often times, when babies are "waking" back up, they can cry or scream uncontrollably, which is what happened next. Juliana started to cry and cry, and then it turned to screaming. She was screaming like she was in pain, and no matter what Ryan or I did, she wouldn't stop. I'm not going to lie, it scared me. Finally, they took out her IV and the screaming turned back into crying. She wanted Ryan to hold her and Ryan was doing his best to soothe her and he was able to get her crying to quiet down. Eventually, Ryan and I were able to get her dressed again. They wanted us to put her in her car seat and carry her out, but I preferred to carry her out.

Juliana fell asleep on the way home, so Ryan brought her up to her room and left her in her car seat. She slept for several hours. We were able to get her to eat some solids, but she didn't eat well for the rest of the day- for obvious reasons. She ate well today, but then projectiled as soon as Ryan took her up for bedtime.

Thank you for all your prayers. We greatly appreciate them.


  1. So glad that is over for you...we will keep praying, we love you all.

  2. Christina told me about the screaming thing with Owen, but I forgot about it until now. I'm glad it's over! We will keep praying too!