Monday, June 7, 2010


Today was a tough day. Juliana woke up at 6 am- nothing new. She was covered in snot and not happy- this was new. I got her cleaned up and then began the morning. She just wanted to snuggle, and I enjoyed that. Then, at 7 she rubbed her eyes, so I put her down for a nap, and got Noah up. He was also covered in snot, coughing, and kept saying that his tummy hurt (he was constipated).

I got Noah cleaned up, gave him some "poopy juice", and he just wanted to snuggle me on the couch as well. So, we snuggled, looked at his "libary" books, and did a little water color painting. Juliana got up around 8, and I got "some" food into her ("some" doesn't quite mean what it does to us normal eaters). Juliana was especially clingy, crying when I went out of her sight or was holding Noah on my lap.

At 9:30 she was rubbing her eyes again, and I knew she was tired. I thought it would be a good idea to get a nap in before feeding therapy at 10:45. Well, Juliana chose not to nap. She screamed and screamed and screamed. After 30 minutes I went up and got her.

Needless to say, feeding therapy was a nightmare for Laura. She was able to get about 2 ounces of yogurt in her before she began to cry and refused to open her mouth. Then, Laura moved onto the speech part of the therapy, and Juliana refused to make any sounds. Laura tried lots of tricks, and I tried to get her to make sounds too, but Juliana is one stubborn girl (who does she get that from?). We could have used Frampa Jim at the house, because he can always get her to babble away.

After Laura left, I tried to put Juliana down again, while I made Noah and myself some lunch. She was quiet for the first 15 minutes and then the crying began. I put Noah down for his nap and set the timer for 30 minutes and turned her baby monitor off.

After 30 minutes she was still crying. So, I got her up, and we snuggled for a while and I got "some" food in her again. Then, I tried to put her down about an hour later, since we had Physical Therapy at 3:45. She screamed the whole time until I got her out of her crib again.

She did pretty good during PT. Miss Meghan put these 1 pound ankle weights on her ankles to work on leg strengthening. Juliana was okay with them, until Miss Meghan started working with her on climbing up the stairs. Then the crying began.

After PT, I got some actual food into Juliana. 1/3 of a mango, half a banana, and 4 ounces of PediaSure. Then she needed snuggle time until Ryan came home. I have never been so glad to have Ryan walk into the house. While most of this blog was about Juliana and her lack of desire to nap (1 nap today), I need to tell you that the rest of the time I spent with Noah involved his constipation, lots of tears, and many, many, MANY changes of pull-ups/diapers, as I tried to help get unconstipated (and I think we are finally done with that).

I'm exhausted, and I probably shouldn't have stayed up Sunday night watching the Blackhawks win, but it was hockey- nuff said.


  1. Poo happens...would love to have seen Juliana with the leg weights.

  2. Leg weights? Next she'll have her working out with Jillian Michaels!!! I'll be there to see that!!!

  3. Oh gosh! I am soo sorry! I wish I could have been there to help you out today. Im glad you got the snuggling time but I know everything else was just a bear to deal with. Hopefully it will be better in Florida. Im keeping you guys in my prayers that Juliana and Noah get better, that the vacation goes well and that you can get some rest. Enjoy your vacation in Florida. :)

  4. Hey girl. Sounds like an exhausting way to start the week. I hope the kids start to feel better soon.