Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nurse Noah...

On Sunday, I hit the wall with exhaustion.  I collapsed on the couch.  Noah took over and told me he was my "noise" (it took Ryan and I a little bit to figure out he was saying nurse- sometimes Noah has a Jersey accent when he says certain words).  He covered me with three blankets.  He put his hand on my forehead and kissed it and told me to just rest- all the things that I do for him when he doesn't feel well.  Then he told Ryan to make me some soup and came back to snuggle with me.  It was really nice, everyone should have their own "Noise" Noah.


  1. Love the new blog header, I love dandelions and their puffs...Noah the Noyse...I would love to be nursed by him....Love you MOM

  2. AWW I agree! Everyone should have a little Nurse Noah, hes so adorable :)

    Love the new page btw!!