Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good News and Not So Good News...

We have been busy since Thanksgiving.  I feel like all I do is drive from this appointment or therapy or lesson to that one.  On the positive side, Juli was dismissed from Physical Therapy for her knee last week; all she needs to do is continue her exercises at home.  Yay!  Monday's are now free for the moment!   We went to see her orthopedic doctor this past Monday night, and he said she can now fully participate in PE.  Another reason to celebrate!  He even gave her the cautious okay to sign up for Irish Dance lessons (after he said an emphatic no to gymnastics and karate), with the "if you dislocate you can't do it anymore" speech.  In swim, Noah was moved to the highest level and they want him on the swim team (yikes!).  Juli stayed at the same level, but she conquered her fear of jumping in to the deep end this swim session.

Onto the not so great news.  This afternoon I sat in on Juli's IEP meeting.  She is making some great strides in areas.  She smashed several of her speech goals (that's my girl!).  Her personality continues to dominate and she is quite the social butterfly (I honestly don't know where she gets that, as her dad and I are huge introverts).  However, she is still behind with her reading and math.  She is slowly making gains with both, which is a good thing because we worked our asses off on it this past summer.  Our fear is that she will regress over the summer, so Juli will be doing the extended school year this summer.  I haven't told her yet, she already hates school so much right now, so I will wait until it gets a bit closer.  I know that this is something we have to do to make sure she gets caught up to her peers, but it breaks my heart that we have to do it.

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