Thursday, December 8, 2016

If I Had One Wish...

School came easy for me, except for math. School came easy for Ryan.  School comes easy for our first born.  School does not come easy for Juli.  Over Thanksgiving break several things happened.

1) We had parent-teacher conferences with both kids' teachers.  Noah's went very well.  Juli's went as expected.  Some positives were that her reading scores had increased, she is almost to the point where she should have been at the start of the school year (all that hard work during summer and during this school year is paying off, yay!).  However, math continues to be her biggest weakness.  Adding and subtraction just won't click in her mind.  We brainstormed some new strategies and came up with one that we hope will get math to click in her brain.

2) Juli had a giant meltdown about school on Saturday.  She woke up in a foul mood on Saturday morning.  We continued to anger her when we stuck by our rule that she had to earn screen time by completing her xtra math and reading.  What started as a temper tantrum transitioned into a full out meltdown after she was sent to her room.  After allowing her some time to cool down, I went up to her room to talk to her.  That's when she told me how much she hates school because it's so hard for her to read and do math.  She begged me to not make her go anymore.  I pulled her into my lap as she cried and tried to kick and hit me.  For 20 minutes I sat on her bed while she screamed about hating school and tried to kick me.  Eventually she was done and wilted into a puddle of quiet sobs.  My heart broke for her and I wanted to cry myself.

If I could wish for anything, it would be to make school easier for my little girl.  She knows that she is different from her classmates.  She knows that she is behind. She is too little to already hate school.

So I guess what I am asking for is prayer. Prayer for Juli to learn math and to keep reading. Prayer for Juli to stop hating school.


  1. Prayers for Juli as she continues to work so very hard with her reading and math.