Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dad...

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad. We are in Florida on the beach. I'm 13- wow that was a LONG time ago.

Since Father's Day is coming up, I thought I would do a top ten list of why my dad is so wonderful.

10). One time when I was home sick in elementary school, and Mom wasn't home, he and I watched Rambo: First Blood together. Mom wasn't very happy when she found out, but I loved every minute of it.

9). He taught me how to play sports- from throwing a spiral football pass, to throwing a baseball, to shooting a basketball. The only thing I wouldn't let him teach me was tennis.

8). Whenever he got free tickets to Bears games, instead of taking one of his guy friends, he would take me... even if we had to leave at halftime because I was frozen and had already had 5 cups of hot chocolate.

7). When my cat, Snirt, fell out the window and ran away, he pulled all nighters waiting for him to come home- which he did.

6). When I was stressed out about my wedding, he told me he would put a ladder outside of my window (the house is 1 story) so that Ryan and I could elope.

5). As the only male in the house, he put up with a countless hours of "crazy" females.

4). When I was 13, he took me on a date to show me how a girl was supposed to be treated.

3). He just spent a half hour showing Noah his Corvette and letting Noah climb all over it and "drive" it, and it's very hot outside.

2). When I was in fourth grade, he helped me train to ride my bike in the Udder Century, and then we rode together in it- 33 miles.

1). When I was in the hospital for migraines in high school, he always came at dinner time so that I would never have to eat dinner by myself.

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