Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our visitor...

Last week, Ryan was out of town for the whole week. My mom came down and stayed with me from Tuesday to Friday afternoon. We had a nice time. I was sure the weather would cooperate and Noah would get to play outside as much as he wanted to...I was wrong. We still had a nice time.

Here are some of the things we did. On Tuesday, I took Juliana to the pediatrician to get her weighed. She had gained a pound from when she was born- thank you Jesus! Noah stayed with Grandma and played outside and did dishes. Then it rained. On Wednesday, we all went to the chiropractor. Grandma took pictures of Noah and Juliana getting adjusted- I'll post those when I get a copy. It also rained again. I took Juliana up to school to visit my friends, it was nice to see them all again. I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw them again. That night, Noah was chasing Grandma, and Finchy got too excited and ran into Noah. Noah fell and hit the back of his head on the corner of the toy box that Ryan had made. He cried for 2 minutes and then got off of Grandma's lap and kept running. Thursday, Noah woke up and was whiney, clingy and needy most of the day. Grandma thought it was from him hitting his head, but sometimes he gets that way. That night Noah began to run a fever. I had a feeling that in the night he was going to throw up, because that's how Noah rolls. Sure enough, while I was doing the 1 AM feeding, I heard Noah throw up. As I was putting Juliana back in her bassinet, I heard Noah throw up again. I went into Noah's room, and I didn't smell the vomit smell, but then Noah's head popped up and he said, "messy" and started to cry. When I got closer, I smelled that smell. I woke Grandma up so she could rock Juliana, and began cleaning up Noah and changing his sheets and blankets. He had a pretty high fever. After I got everyone cleaned up and laundry started, Noah wanted to rock, so I took him downstairs. He asked for some, "meelk", so I got him a glass and then we watched an episiode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I put him to bed, and he went down fast. The next morning he slept in, as I knew he would. Grandma was still worried about a head injury and him throwing up, so I took him to the doctor- I'm pretty sure he's cutting his 2 year molars (he always throws up when he cuts teeth), but the doctor said he had a virus. Of course, Thursday and Friday the weather was really nice, but Noah didn't feel good and just wanted to snuggle Grandma. Mom, thanks for coming and helping out. I wouldn't have been able to do it alone!

Noah didn't start to feel good until about Sunday afternoon, so he played outside that afternoon. Of course, it's been raining ever since.

The last time Grandma visited, Noah found a doll in her things (Great Grandma Rose had given it to mom to keep at her house). Needless to say, that dolly has become important to Noah. I've attached some pictures of Noah and his dolly.


  1. Ladybug looks like she is smaller than the doll. I'm glad Noah is feeling better. We were all concerned.

  2. I'm glad mom could help you out. Aren't grandma's the best! :)

  3. Ladybug does look small. We can't wait to hold her. I'm so glad your mom could help.

    Love, Grandpa and Grandma Mahlberg

  4. I miss my Ray and my Bug...I had a great time and was a crybaby on Sat. worrying about Noah. Can't wait to hold them again. Love MOM