Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas...

Noah loves choo choo trains. In an earlier post, I mentioned that Auntie Candise had handed down Thomas choo choos to Noah. We also have a train track by our house and Noah loves to watch the train go by (not in summer, because the trees have leaves then and he can't see the train). Anyway, Noah likes Thomas the Train. His favorites are: Thomas, Percy, and James. For the past few weeks, Noah has changed his focus from "Cars" to "Thomas". We watch Thomas, play choo choos and bring Thomas everywhere in his "man bag".
Papa Jim discovered that Thomas was going to be at the Illinois Railway Museum in August and wanted to know if Noah would like to go. We said yes, so Papa bought the tickets for A Day Out With Thomas on August 15.

Noah loved it! He would have stayed longer, but Juliana was getting really warm in the shade. He was able to see Thomas made of Legos, get tattoos of James and Thomas, ride Thomas and wave to everyone watching, and Papa and Grandma bought him a Thomas conductor hat.

Walking into the Railroad Museum with Papa Jim...

Lego Thomas

Grandma, Noah and the Army choo choo (Big Train- Noah said)

In the tattoo tent, they had a train table with lots of choo choos to play with...

Look! It's the Duluth and Iron Range Coach- reminds me of Grandpa & Grandma Mahlberg, & Auntie Diane

While waiting to ride Thomas, Noah got to get into the Union Fire Truck, it was high up!

Finally, riding on Thomas!

Asleep on Sunday's ride home (while Juliana cried the whole way)...


  1. Was a really good visit...Juliana held up fairly well for as hot as it was! We had a great time with our special little man. Love MOM

  2. How fun!!! I always wanted to do that with my boys. Thanks for the soapy water tip for the beetles--Jaime said the same thing--I'm going to move the trap and go out there with my soapy water.

  3. The little guy and I both had a great time. The look on his face was worth a million bucks.
    Love Dad (Papa)

  4. I'm glad everyone had a fun time! I know it was magical for Noah and for his mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa!

  5. Looks like a great day!