Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mahlberg Visit 2009

At the end of July we were able to host Ryan's family at our house. We had Grandma and Granpa Mahlberg, Auntie Diane, Auntie Candise, and cousins JJ, Anna, and Sammy- who Noah now calls "my Sammy". We don't get to see them very often. The last time we were all together was when Noah was 9 months old and we drove to New York. I wanted to post pictures from the visit, but we didn't take many, so I had been waiting for Grandpa John to send us the ones he took (he's a fantastic photographer). I just got the CD today, so here are some pictures from the visit...
Making coffee with Grandma Johnda

Playing in the bouncy house
Juliana and Auntie Diane
At the playground by our house
Juliana and Grandma Johnda
Juliana, Grandpa John, and Noah
At the playground by our house
Noah's Sammy (isn't he adorable?!?)
Auntie Candise and Juliana
Grandpa, Grandma and all the cousins


  1. Great photos Grandpa John! Looks like fun times. Love MOM

  2. All of the kids are sooooo adorable!