Sunday, August 23, 2009

Devin Hester of the Dog World...

Our Boxer, Finchy, is the Devin Hester of the dog world, and I mean it in the most flattering way possible. When he has a ball, no one can stop him. Finchy likes to play fetch, and he can hit his top speed very quickly. If he ever got out of the yard and got spooked, he would be miles away before we knew he was missing. My father in law, wanted to capture his speed on his camera. So, he sat on the ground by the fence, and told me to throw the ball so that Finchy would be running straight at him. Here are the pictures he captured, check out the power of Finchy!


  1. He is amazing and handsome too. Love MOM (He can also catch anything you throw at him, even if the throw is really lousy!)

  2. Sarge is pretty good too!!!! Especially when he takes that leap midstride!! But, Finchy is probably the best.

  3. He is impressive. Can we borrow him to get the cats? Although wasn't he the one that ran the opposite way of the rabbit in the yard?

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