Saturday, August 29, 2009

School's in...

Last Friday, I had my first institute day. Thursday night I cried my eyes out for about 45 minutes. I didn't want to leave my kids. I knew they would be fine with Theresa, and they were. On Monday, Juliana had a rough day. She refused to take her bottle for Theresa. Since it was an institute day, I was able to leave during my lunch to try to feed her. She didn't eat well for me either.

This week was difficult for me. Every morning, I got up with the sad feeling of having to leave my babies. Noah didn't seem to mind. I was sure he was going to punish me- he did last year. Nope, every morning, he said to me, "put sister in seat. Go theresa's house now". Juliana did well too. She and Theresa are working out the feeding problems, and by the end of this week, Juliana was taking almost all of her bottles. Theresa has even been able to get her to take some really good naps.

But honestly, who would want to leave these guys?

This is Noah's "supermodel" pose


  1. I want to see my babies! Love MOM

  2. Those faces are hard to leave! Thank goodness you have a job where you get summers and holiday's off though!