Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On a positive note...

Yesterday, I took Juliana in for her weight check. She had been eating a little more than usual since we added rice cereal to her bottle and was keeping it down. Of course, there was the set back where she refused to eat for Theresa for a couple days when I went back to work. Then there was another setback, the projectile vomiting. Last Friday, I was feeding Juliana in the morning and she was eating well. Then, I heard the telltale gurgle and I positioned the burp cloth. The girl spewed forth more than I thought possible. It was all over the floor, the couch, and running down my arm. Then, she turned to look at me, smiled, and continued to spew forth her bottle. Ryan was coming down the stairs and I yelled for help. He brought me 3 burp cloths and that wasn't enough to clean up the mess. Fortunately, she was done, so Ryan cleaned her up, got her to eat an ounce, and she went back to bed. I got to clean up myself and the rest of the mess, and then get ready for work. Whenever Juliana projectiles, she doesn't eat well for the rest of the day, so Friday's feedings were kind of a wash. Saturday she did better. Sunday she did better...until 11:30 that night. Again, I heard the telltale gurgle (and I have to wonder why she always picks me as the target and not Ryan) and positioned myself. She looked right at me, smiled again, and I got it in the face (nasty right?). Fortunately I was wearing my glasses so I was able to reposition her so that she wasn't spewing forth at me anymore. This time, Ryan wasn't around to rescue me. He was upstairs (snoring) sound asleep. I got her cleaned up and made up a small bottle for her, when I realized that I was soaked and that before she was going to eat, I needed to change my pajamas. Of course, then Ryan woke up (I had to turn on the bathroom light so I could find my pj's) and offered to help me (at least he offered, right?).

Monday, I warned Theresa that she had projectiled and that feeding may not go well. I was bummed, because this was the day of our big weigh-in. I was right, she had a rough day. While we waited in the doctor's office, I was able to get her to eat a large amount of her bottle (Theresa and I had hoped that would add some extra weight with a full belly). We finally got called back, and we put her on the scale. 11 pounds 2 ounces. The nurse went to check with the doctor. Nope, not enough of a weight gain. As soon as I heard the words, I wanted to throw up. Then I heard the words "pediatric gastroenterologist and nutrition specialist", "get in as soon as possible",
"very low weight gain". I think I retched a little bit and fortunately Noah was there so I didn't start to cry.

We got home from the pediatrician and it was too late to call and get an appointment. I called this morning, and on a positive note, there was a cancellation and they can get Juliana in Tuesday (the day after labor day). Otherwise there would have been a month long wait. Thank you Jesus for the small victories!


  1. has the doctor ever mentioned food allergies as a possibility too?? I have heard sometimes those problems (and low weight gain/eating little) can be caused by food allergies. Just wondering cause i know most doctors sometimes still don't consider them. :) Good luck with your next appointment.

  2. Can't wait to see my babies! LOVE, MOM