Sunday, September 13, 2009

Daddy/Uncle Ryan/Uncle Bill

Last weekend, we had my family down on Saturday. Uncle Bill amused the kiddies in the bouncy house, and then when he went inside to play with Juliana, Ryan played with the kiddies. Words don't really do it justice, but pictures do.
"Alright, everyone line up!"

"1,2,3..." Push!

Okay, Ryan has Rori and Noah...

With Finchy on his heels, he begins to run the yard...

Wait, he's carrying Liam too?!?

Look at Liam's face, he's having a good time

Look at Noah's face, he's having a good time

Ryan did this several times, until his asthma kicked in and he had to go get his inhaler. Rori went inside to ask him to do it again. Ryan had to explain to her that sometimes his lungs don't work so well. Being the smart girl that she is, Rori came out and asked me if that was really true. I confirmed it, and then she asked papa (Bill) if he would do it- see, I told you she was smart!


  1. great photos mama! And thanks for blogging them! Looks like Tarzan with 3 monkies and a wild Finchy...Missed you all this weekend. Love MOM

  2. I'm guessing Ryan was carrying around an extra 90 lbs or so! Good thing he had his inhaler!