Monday, September 7, 2009

Noah's first plane ride...

Today, Auntie Val and Uncle Randy called us and we met them at the airport. My uncle owns his own plane and they fly all over the country. I had mentioned that Noah loves planes when they came down for Juliana's dedication and had told them that we could meet them at the airport sometime so Noah could see the plane.

We got to the airport before they landed, and Noah got more and more excited every time a plane landed. When Auntie Val and Uncle Randy landed, Noah practically dragged me out to the runway to get to the airplane. The closer we got to the plane, the more Noah started to jump up and down.

He got to sit in the plane and pretended to fly it. He pointed to the different gauges and Auntie Val told him what they did. Then, Auntie Val asked if we thought Noah would want to go for a ride in the plane. Noah said, "okay!" and got so excited. Uncle Randy couldn't get the plane ready fast enough. He insisted on sitting in his own seat, instead of on my lap. At first, he didn't want to wear the headset, but once we were in the air, I slipped the headset on his ears, and he could hear all of us talking. He kept saying, "I flying momma". When we landed, he wanted to go again, so we went up again. He had so much fun. Thanks Auntie Val and Uncle Randy for indulging my little boy.

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  1. What a great day for Noah! Wish I could have been there...Love MOM