Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Hair Raising Experience...

Yesterday Poppa Jim and Grandma Vicki spent the night. Poppa Jim brought Noah a train to add to his Thomas collection. He brought Noah, Emily. The cool thing about Emily, is that when you put a battery in her, she moves all by herself, which Noah thought was very cool.

Tonight, while Ryan was making dinner, and I was soothing an angry Juliana (she didn't nap well today), Noah was playing with Emily on the floor. Emily went under the table, so Noah went under to get her out. Noah stood up and hit his head on the table. All of a sudden, I heard him crying. I put the baby down and went to see what was wrong. Noah was holding the top of his head and crying/screaming.

When Noah hit his head, he put his hands on top of his head. In one of his hands, he had Emily.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

Emily was still ON, and her wheels were turning in his hair. I quickly turned Emily off. Noah was trying to yank Emily out of his hair. By the time Ryan got to us to help, Noah had pulled Emily out of part of his hair. Then, I had to get the scissors.

Here's the end result...

And yes, Juliana was still angry during all this.

Noah did recover after Emily was removed from his head. Juliana, on the other hand, went to bed early.


  1. I so sorry baby Noah...we'll blame this one on Grandpa. I love you and angry Juliana so so much. Love Grandma

  2. Keep him away from daddy's mix-master!!!!! I promise to only give him foam rubber toys from now on.