Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Babysitter's Off...

This week, our beloved babysitter is off. Her husband won an all expense paid vacation to Vegas, but it was only good for Sunday-Thursday of this week, otherwise they would have gone during spring break.

Fortunately for Ryan and I, Framma Vicki (that's how Noah says Grandma) was able to take off of work and come down Sunday night to watch Noah and Juliana on Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately for Framma Vicki, Noah and Juliana were both sick with nasty colds. On Monday, Framma couldn't get Juliana to eat much- just 3/4 of a tub of carrots. I tried to prepare my mom for a frustrating day, by telling her that when Juliana is miserable, she won't eat for anyone, but my mom was still upset by the lack of eating on Juliana's part. Noah complicated the matter by not eating either. Framma was finally able to bribe Noah into eating with a bag of fruit snacks. Tuesday went a little better for Framma. Juliana was feeling better and Framma was able to get her to eat. On the other hand, Noah, was a bit disobedient. He refused to go on the potty for Framma and then it was a wrestling match to get him to wash his hands when he finally went on the potty. Needless to say, Framma was a bit worn out by the end of the day. Juliana was very taken with Framma this time, and kept reaching for her while I was holding her.

Yesterday, Ryan stayed home with the kids, while I went to work. Noah said they had fun. Daddy took them to the toddler park and Noah ran around for an hour and a half. Noah and Ryan also built a very elaborate Geo-Trax railroad using up almost all of the Geo-Trax. Juliana didn't eat so well for Ryan- just some Yo-Baby yogurt, but she napped pretty well for him. I came home from school and took Juliana to feeding therapy. Juliana didn't really do well at this session either, but we did get to come home with the vibrating spoon to try for a week. Miss Peggy (Juliana's therapist) was also nice enough to send a sticker home for Noah- Noah loves going to feeding therapy. When we got home, Noah and Ryan were playing in the backyard, and Ryan had hung up the baby swing on the pergola, so Juliana was able to swing outside with us.

Today, I am home with the kiddies. Juliana got up promptly at 6 AM. I got her to eat a little bit of baby food with the vibrating spoon, and then she gagged and projectiled it all over. I got her cleaned up and put her down for her nap, and then Noah got up at 7:45. Too bad they can't coordinate their sleeping in. Today's plans involve me trying to get Juliana's Early Intervention appointment scheduled, and then hopefully more outdoors time for the kids if Noah is feeling up to it.

Thanks, Mom, for taking the time off of work to watch our kids. We love you!