Saturday, March 6, 2010

Still No Answers...

Yesterday my dad and I took Juliana to Children's Memorial so that I could get a second opinion on Juliana from another gastroenterologist. I was glad my dad came, because it kept me from crying in front of the doctor. Why was I trying not to cry?

The doctor told us that her head is too big for her body, which we already knew, since her head is in the 80th percentile and the rest of her is in the low percentiles. He suspects something is neurologically wrong with her, and has referred us to a pediatric neurologist. He has also recommended that we add occupational and developmental therapy to our list of therapies. This was not what I had hoped to hear, and it was very hard to take it all in.

In addition to that, today the allergist called about Juliana's test results. On a positive note, she didn't test positive for any allergies, but her white blood cell count was low. Ryan took Juliana to get her blood drawn again, so that they can see if it was an abnormal blood draw or if she still has a low white blood cell count.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
Isn't she soooooo sweet?!?


  1. She is EXTREMELY sweet. You are in my prayers. My heart goes out to you.

  2. She is so, so sweet - I hear it runs in the family.:0) Juliana is precious....feel so bad that she, you and your family have to go through all this. We will continue to pray for you guys and your sweet baby. Glad your Dad was there with you.

  3. Oh Jenna, I'm sorry for the disappointing news. I will definitely continue to pray for you all. She is the sweetest thing.

  4. Praying for my favorite niece and my favorite Sister and Bro-in-law!! I'm soooo sorry!