Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Noah!

My little boy turns 3 today. Wow, has the time gone by so quickly! I remember when we brought him home from the hospital. That night was the longest night, he screamed himself hoarse. But, it only got better from there.

Noah, you are a good big brother to Juliana (even though it took you 7 weeks to acknowledge her existence). I love how when she is crying, you do your best to entertain her. You bring her toys, you make silly faces, and you always pull her exer-saucer closer to where you are playing so she can watch you.

I love that you are a "momma's boy" right now. I know this won't last for much longer, and I treasure this time. I love that every night you have to look at one of your train books and ask Daddy, "what's that one?" even though you know almost all of them. I love our "snowball" fights downstairs, and that you love to sing songs (and if anyone knows any other verses to "The Wheels On the Bus- I'd like to hear them). I love that you like to be outside and have a great imagination. I love that you are constantly putting one of your Thomas movies in a box and asking us to close our eyes so you can give us a "surprise".

You have a beautiful heart, little boy, and I look forward to seeing you grow up.

Happy Birthday, Noah! I love you!




  1. Happy Birthday to Noah!!!! What a sweet, sweet boy. Hope it's a fun day and a wonderful year for him!

  2. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Noah happy birthday to you!! That was sung perfectly in key and sounded wonderful.--Bill

  3. Happy Birthday little man. You are a special little guy!!
    Love Granpa

  4. Happy Birthday Noah!!! I love you, my favorite nephew!

  5. You not only have my hand, you have my heart...I love you so much my Golden Ray. Love and kisses forever.

  6. PS Love love love the photo!MOM