Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Spring...Wait, It's Snowing?!?

This week, it warmed up into the 60's for several days. Noah and Juliana got to spend lots of time outside. On Wednesday, Ryan took them to the park and Noah ran around for an hour and a half. The fresh air seemed to do both of them good. They even slept longer than normal. On Thursday, we went up to Auntie Jaime's house, and played outside on their jungle gym and bounced in the bouncy house. All the cousin's had a good time, and boy were they tired on the way home!

On Friday, I heard that the forecast for the weekend did not look nice- rain and snow, so I left school as soon as the bell rang to get the kids and get some more outdoors time in. A lady at work, had given me a giant fire engine for Noah to play with. As soon as we got home, I got it out of the van, and Noah dragged it over to our neighbor's house to show Pam and Tim it. We played outside until Daddy came home, and I noticed the temperature was dropping.

This morning, I got up to rain, but by the time we left for swimming lessons, the rain had already turned to snow. Happy first day of spring everyone, let's hope this snow doesn't hang around for very long! Although, the Chili Dawg would be happy- here he is in the glorious snow earlier this month.


  1. So much fun to play outside, open up the windows and get some sun! Glad ya'll had fun...while it lasted....BUT spring is here!

  2. You have to share your outside photos with Framma, PLEASE! Love, FRAMMA