Friday, April 17, 2009


We did our big family Easter celebration on Saturday instead of Sunday. This was smart on our part, as Sunday morning when we were getting ready for church, I came down with the very violent stomach flu (I will spare you the details- but I'm glad everyone else had gone to church when I didn't make it to the bathroom to throw up).

Anyway, it was a fairly nice day out, so the kids played in the back yard while grandma and grandpa hid Easter eggs in the front yard. Before we went to the front, Rori asked Jaime, "Which color do you like best, mama?" Jaime told her pink or purple. Rori told her that she would find all the pink and purple eggs then- that was so sweet!

Rori, Liam, and Noah used their Halloween buckets to pick up eggs. Noah ran around the front yard yelling, "My, my!" All the kids were so excited to find eggs. They were running all over the front yard. At times Noah didn't know which egg to grab or which way to go next. It was so funny! Here are some pictures of him hunting eggs. In fact, he had such a good time, Ryan hid the same eggs for him a few days ago and he had a fun time again.


  1. That's mine! I'm glad Grandma could teach him something he will have sorever! Love MOM

  2. Good thing Noah had on a hat ;) Liam wants his easter "basket"