Thursday, April 2, 2009

Surprise Baby Shower...

*****My very neurotic mother made me edit this, so the conversation does not truly reflect the nature of my conversation with Lauren which was much better before I edited this post.*****

So, yesterday morning, I got to work a little earlier than I normally do. I was supposed to be observed by my boss during Early Bird, and we were doing a dissection that needed to get set up. I always get unbelievably nervous for observations, because I had a horrible student teaching experience (more on that later), so I had been up since 4 AM with the jitters. I dropped my stuff off in the science office, and my good friend Lauren cornered me. "Jenna, I need to talk to you." "Can we talk while I set up the lab? Tino's supposed to observe me this morning and the dissection equipment needs to get put out." "Okay." So, we started to walk to my classroom, which shouldn't have taken very long, but Lauren was walking slower and slower. I said to her, "Why are you walking so slow?" "Jenna, we haven't gotten to have one of our morning talks in a while." "Geez, you're kind of needy this morning". (I know, I'm very sympathetic when I'm nervous). We get to my classroom, and all of a sudden, Lauren throws herself into the classroom door. "What is going on with you, Lauren?" "Oh, nothing, I just miss our morning talks." "Well, I promise we can have one of those tomorrow morning when I'm not going to be observed." Then, Lauren blocked the door with her body. "Please, Lauren, can I get into my classroom?" She sighs and lets me open the door. I heard a desk move, and was like, what the heck? Then I hear, "Surprise!"

My early bird girls had gotten to school extra early to decorate the classroom, put out food and drinks, and display their gifts for a surprise baby shower! How awesome are they?!? Lauren hadn't really needed to talk to me, her job was to stall me at whatever cost, so they could finish setting up for the baby shower.

I wish I had had my camera, so I could have taken pictures of the Noah's Ark cake that one of my students had made- it looked so cool! She even drew animals on it! Desi is going to send me pictures of the cake (she took pictures of it before she left for school) when she gets home from Italy. There was so much food that the girls had brought, that we didn't eat it all. The girls also got me baby clothes, wipes, teething rings, lotion, etc. It was so hard for me to not cry. They also made me a really nice card. One of my students that I had had last year in Chemistry, wrote me the nicest card- she wouldn't let me open it in class, which was smart, because I cried when I read it at home.

Thank you: Kristen, Desi, Jocelyn, Vanessa, Courtney, Melissa, Kayla, & Lauren. That totally made my day! I will miss our special little group when I go on maternity leave.


  1. Your students really like you, you are blessed...Wish you had been my teacher. Love MOM

  2. This is the post police...come in Jenna...Jenna? Jenna?

  3. How nice of them! Too bad you didn't have a camera :(