Monday, April 20, 2009

I get my imagination from grandma...

My mom has an amazing imagination that she has passed onto her grandchildren. Rori Rose likes to pretend from stories about the Disney Princesses. Noah and Liam like to pretend from Cars, especially "Oh No! Frank" (if you haven't seen the movie, sorry). Noah is also into Mickey Mouse. I can't stand Mickey- I think he is one of THE most annoying characters invented.

When Noah was first born, Jaime and Bill brought him an Easter basket for Easter. In it was a blue Mickey. Noah never really paid attention to Mickey until Spring Break of this year. Now, Mickey goes everywhere we go. When Noah is in his car seat, he feeds Mickey his snacks, he shares his milk with Mickey, he even shares his precious bagels (see previous post) with Mickey. He likes to have me wrap Mickey in a blanket and he carries him around like he's a baby. He gets a diaper wipe, wipes Mickey and says, "stinky, stinky". Mickey comes outside and sits in Noah's truck while he drives him around the back yard. You get the idea.

When I had the stomach flu last week, after I picked Noah up from Theresa's, he pretended he and Mickey were "sick"- like he saw me doing the day before.

Thank you, Mom, for passing on your imagination!


  1. I'm glad he likes his mickey mouse :)

  2. I'm not a fan of Mickey...but I love that Noah is. He will be a great little Daddy...stinky stinky! Love Grandma