Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our weekend at grandma and grandpa's house

On Friday we left as soon as I got home from school to drive up to my parents' house. With ladybug's arrival getting closer we knew that this may be the only chance for a while for Noah to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's. We barely hit any traffic, which is unheard of on a Friday afternoon, and got there in about an hour and a half. Noah was very excited to see grandma- grandpa was on his way home from work. When Noah is with grandma or grandpa, Ryan and I basically become non-existant, so Noah happily dragged grandma from room to room.

When Grandpa got home, we got ready to go to our favorite mexican restaurant- Tacos El Norte. Noah sat on grandma's lap while we waited for our food to come. He drank quite a bit of grandma's water, so when his quesadilla arrived, he didn't want anything to do with it. The rest of us enjoyed our dinners. I recommend the chicken enchilada's with green sauce, but Ryan recommends the steak tacos (mine are better).

When we got home, it was getting late, so we put Noah in his jammies. Grandpa sat down with him and read him 3 stories complete with different voices. Noah giggled a lot- grandpa is a good story teller. Then we put Noah to bed and went downstairs with all the dogs so that it was quiet upstairs.

The next morning, Noah decided he didn't need to sleep in and got up promptly at 6. When I went in to get him, I noticed an odor in the room. When I picked him up out of the pack in play, I noticed that he was soaked. It's been a while since Noah has peed through a diaper at night time, but apparently he drank enough water that he soaked himself from his chest to the feet in his feet pajamas. I guess that's why he didn't sleep in- he was wet and probably cold. Ryan, of course, was already in the shower, leaving me to wash Noah- boy did he smell bad! He was a good boy about it, and then I wrapped him in a blanket and let him sit in our bed and watch tv- he thinks that he is so cool when you let him do that. Then grandma started a load of laundry to wash everything that was in the pack n play and got soaked with Noah.

Grandma and Grandpa were getting their hair cut Saturday morning by a friend of the family, and she was going to cut Noah's too. It's not like Noah was in dire need of a haircut, but the last place we had gone had given him such a bad haircut (it looked like the back was eaten by a lawnmower) that it needed to be fixed, plus he was getting to the point of needing one and I figured that would happen around ladybug's arrival. When Noah gets older, I will go back to cutting his hair, but right now, he fights me when I try, by pushing the scissors away and trying to put his fingers in the scissors. When we're at a haircut place, he sits like a good little boy. Here are some pictures from his hair cut with Patrice- of course, this time he didn't sit like a good little boy, but he did alright. She gave him a nice haircut and fixed the damage from the last one. He was a little scared this time, so he had to sit on Daddy's lap (since I don't really have one anymore).

After the haircut we went back to the house. Noah commandeered grandpa and they went and played the piano and organ. Then he went and took his nap. I, of course, brought up the dinner discussion (no we hadn't eaten lunch yet). Dad offered to grill steak from Madl's (it's fantastic). However, I wanted to go to Hackney's, and the pregnant lady always wins :-) So, for dinner we went to Hackney's. Noah shared part of my Hackney burger, and ate really well. Even the waitress was impressed by how much he put away. We didn't give him the opportunity to drink lots of water to avoid a repeat of the night before. When we got home, grandpa read him some stories again.

Noah slept in the next day. I think grandma and grandpa wore him out, which is a good thing. Grandma made us cornmeal pancakes for breakfast. Normally, Noah doesn't eat them, but that day, he yelled "pancakes!" and proceeded to inhale the pancake that grandma made for him. It was like he had never eaten food before! Noah seemed to sense that we were getting ready to leave, so he took that opportunity to drag both grandma and grandpa around the house to play. Unfortunately, we had to get on the road, and Noah wasn't happy to leave.

Thanks for the fun weekend, grandma and grandpa! We love you!


  1. We love you too. It was a pleasure having you, even when Ryan sent me into a diabetic coma with the Baked Fudge, which was to DIE for!Can't wait to see Ray on Easter! Love Grandma

  2. Granpa got to spend some special time with Noah even when grandma was around. That was cool, especially when I got to play trucks and read him stories!