Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Boys...

I wish the camera battery hadn't died, so I could have posted pictures from this morning, but what are you going to do?

So, Noah decided that 3 AM was an excellent time to throw a crib party. He partied hard until around 5 AM when things fell silent. I finally fell back to sleep after 5:30. Ryan, of course, slept through the party- he can sleep through anything, including me holding a crying child next to his side of the bed and saying, "Ryan, Noah threw up. I need you to help me clean him up and clean his crib up" (of course that was last spring, but still he didn't wake up). Anyway, Noah slept until 7:20, and Ryan got up with him (Ryan- Sweet boy #1) and I slept until 8 (thank God, because I was near tears at 5 this morning because I was so tired).

When I came downstairs, Noah ran up to me and gave me a hug- Sweet boy #1. Then, he wanted to watch Veggie Tales- Jonah that he got for his birthday. I turned it on, and Noah came, sat between my legs and put my arms around him- Sweet boy #2.

Ryan went to go grocery shopping, and offered to take Noah with so I could work on a paper for a class I'm taking, but I told him Noah and I would be fine (Ryan- Sweet boy #2). While Ryan finished the list, Noah started taking toys out of his toy box. He couldn't reach one of them, and pulled me over to help him. I asked him what toy he wanted and he said, "Teddy Bear". I got him the teddy bear, and he said, "Teddy Bear nigh nigh." He laid the teddy bear on the couch and said, "bye bye", ran to the steps, shut the baby gate and took off up the steps. I started to follow him, but by the time I got halfway up the steps, he was back at the top of the steps with a baby blanket. After he got back downstairs, he wrapped the teddy bear in the blanket, gave it his sippy cup, rocked it, and laid it down on the couch (see why I needed the camera battery to be charged?)- Sweet boy #3. Ryan kissed everyone good bye and left for the grocery store.

Noah and I went upstairs, of course bringing the bear with. We got to Noah's room, and he went to his changing table/dresser, took a diaper wipe, unwrapped the bear, said "stinky stinky", and "changed the bear's diaper". Then he brought the bear to me and I swaddled the bear. He threw the bear into his crib (it wouldn't fit through the slats), turned on the baby monitor, turned on his little heater, grabbed my finger to leave the room, and said "nigh nigh bear"- Sweet boy #4. Of course as soon as we were out of the room, we had to go back in, turn off the heater, turn off the baby monitor and get the bear out of the crib- Sweet boy #5.

I decided that I needed to take a shower, and Noah thinks he's really cool if he sits on our bed and gets under the blankets, so I asked him if he wanted to go play in our room, and he did. I showered while Noah wrapped himself and Mickey (he had lost interest in the bear) up. When I got out of the shower and got dressed, I sat next to Noah on the bed. He looked at me, smiled, jumped down and ran into his room. He grabbed both of his Nuks (yes, my kid still has a pacifier at bedtime), and brought them to the bed. He put one in my mouth and put the other in his mouth (Sweet boy #6).

Daddy came home while Noah and I were folding laundry. When we were done, I asked Noah if we should go see Daddy, and he said, "Okay!" I gave him my nuk back and he put both nuks back into his crib. Then we went downstairs and he yelled, "Daddy!" (Sweet boy #7).

Noah and I played a little more and then I noticed that Noah kept saying, "stinky stinky. it's nasty". He had an odor to him, so I changed his diaper and put him for a nap. Then, Ryan let me go work on my paper while he cleaned- Ryan sweet boy #3. I finished my paper, and now Noah is getting up from his nap. So far it's been a good start to the day, and makes me sad that spring break is coming to an end...


  1. You need to charge that camera--too bad not pictures :( Even though spring break is coming to an end--so is your pregnancy! You'll be home soon!

  2. Sweet sweet boys, we are soooo blessed. Wish I could have seen the teddy bear episode. Love you all MOM