Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl...

Juliana has definitely become a daddy's girl. When he got home from California, she immediately stopped crying in my arms, lit up in a smile and proceeded to babble loudly at him. I imagine that she was yelling at him for being gone for a week, and to never do that again.
Last night, she was screaming in my arms, and Ryan walked into the house, and immediately, she started to smile, and then the following pictures were taken (I had to stand to the side, so as not to make her angry). How is that fair?!?


  1. OMG is she ever CUTE! How is she standing all by HERSELF???? Love Grandma

  2. She is too stinkin' cute! Isn't that why Ryan wanted a girl in the first place? He got his wish :)

  3. She does look very happy to be with her Daddy...I bet her Mommy is glad to have Daddy home too.