Saturday, December 19, 2009

Special Babysitters...

Last year for Christmas, my sister Jaime got us 2 movie tickets and a movie giftcard to go on a date. They would watch our kids while we went to a movie at the theater by their house. Well, almost a year has gone by, and Jaime said they would like to watch our kids so Ryan and I could go to a movie for Ryan's birthday. I asked her if she was sure; it's not that I don't trust her with my kids, it's just Juliana can be pretty high maintence if she's having a bad day- there are days here and there when we can barely handle her.

So, what did her offer involve?

This is Brendan, my newest and mellowest nephew. Isn't he cute? He's 2.5 months old. I think he looks like Jaime.
These 2 characters are Liam and Rori Rose. Rori is the oldest at 4 and Liam is 2.5. Isn't Liam the cutest Darth Vader ever? And Rori's the prettiest Jasmine around!

And you've met my two children already. Juliana 7.5 months and Noah 2.75 years.

So, how many children is that? Five. How many are either 4 or less? Five. How many are 2? Two. How many are under the age of 1? Two. Is my sister nuts? No, but she has a good heart.
Shortly after we left, my cell phone rang. It was Jaime. I was sure either Noah was melting down or Juliana was freaking out because they were trying to feed her a bottle. She called to say that Noah asked for us, but she explained to him that we had to leave for a little while and he was going to stay and play with them. He said, okay, and went back downstairs to play with his cousins. Not even a tear.
Did I mention that when we returned to their house (after seeing New Moon- Ryan's choice, not mine since I had already seen it), we were greeted with the wonderful smell of apple dumplings that Jaime had time to bake while we were gone? Talk about Super Mom. Then, we went downstairs to see everyone. They had gotten Juliana to take a nap, and as we came down the steps, Noah took a flying leap and tackled Bill to the ground (he's going to be sore tomorrow).
So, thank you, Jaime and Bill, for watching our children for us. We knew they were in safe hands and knew they would have fun. In fact, both kids were sound asleep before we got on the expressway to go home.
Oh, and the apple dumplings were delicious. Jaime even sent some home with us, AND she baked Ryan brownies for his birthday. I know, she's nuts (in a good way, of course, Jaimers).


  1. We really did have a great time and would do it again in a heartbeat!!! It was fun seeing Noah play with his cousins and Juliana was sooo smiley!

  2. What a nice sister! It's so nice that you were able to get out for a while and that you knew your kiddos were in very capable hands.:0) I see so much of Liam in the picture of Brendan.

  3. I love my girls and my babies and Merry Christmas...and please stay close sorever (in Rori language). Love, Grandma HooHoo

  4. We had a great time with them. We would love to watch them anytime. Juliana is such a happy baby!! It was so great to get a chance to actually play with them since no Grandparnets were around to hog them.--Bill