Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Out Of The Mouth Of Two Year Olds...

I think that out of the ages that Noah has been, I have enjoyed this age the most. He says the funniest things! For example,

1) This morning, I was talking to him about being a good boy and he said, "I not a good boy. I Noah, momma!"

2) Ryan's been gone since Thanksgiving night, and I told Noah that Daddy was on an airplane, so at least 7 times a day we have this conversation: "Momma?" "Noah?" "Where Daddy?" "I don't know, where is Daddy?" "Daddy on airplane!" "Is he coming home today?" "No, momma! He flying now!"

3) A couple months ago, I smelled something foul and told Noah we needed to change his diaper. "No change diaper! I got gas!" He was wrong.

He cracks me up!


  1. Haha! Those are all good ones.....they are so sweet, aren't they? I wonder how the blog posts will change....in 10 years?

  2. Momma? Noah? Where is Grandma?
    I miss you Noah and Sister

  3. He's too cute! Don't you wish you could bottle up this age and keep it forever?