Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From The Mouth of Two-Year Olds Part II...

Since Eric's accident, I have avoided using the entrance of our subdivision, as that is where the accident occurred. Yesterday, I wasn't thinking and took that way home. Noah said, "Look Momma, crosses!" I started to cry. Noah said, "Why crying Momma?" I told Noah that Momma's heart hurt. Noah said, "Stop car Momma. I kiss heart and make better." What a sweetheart, right?

Later that afternoon, I noticed Noah studying Finchy. He pointed at Finchy's boy parts and said, "What those, Momma?" So, I told him, to which Noah replied, "Finchy has peanuts?" I laughed so hard.


  1. These are some of the best times of your life, little girl. Love, MOM

  2. Merry Christmas, Jenna & Family!