Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Reading my blog you may not think that I am thankful this year, but I am.  Here are the things I am most thankful for this year.

1) Ryan.  He puts up with me and loves me no matter how crazy or moody I get.

2) My kids.  They love me...even on the bad days.

3) My mom, dad, sister and brother in law.  They have been so supportive through everything we have gone through, even when we have our differences.  My in-laws have been great and supportive as well.  I know it's hard for them being in a different state and far away from us, but they do a good job of encouraging us as well.

4) All of Juliana's therapists: Peggy, Laura, Meghan, Connie, & Suzy.  Without them, who knows where she would be?  Before them, Juliana wouldn't open her mouth to eat, she couldn't sit up on her own, she couldn't crawl, walk, and was generally unhappy.  Technically with the lack of calories she eats she shouldn't be able to do any of the things she does now, but she can and I chalk a lot of that up to her very hard working therapists.

5) My job- for several reasons.  I have excellent insurance which allows us to see all the necessary doctor's for Juliana.  It allows me an "escape" from all the stress I am under with Juliana.  Just having a job in this economy is something to be thankful for and being a tenured teacher gives us something to not worry about.

6) Our pastor, Dennis.  He has encouraged me a lot lately, and I have needed it.  His sermons have also been challenging me alot lately.

7) Friends at school & friends at church.  Sandy, Lisa, Lauren, Mary Ellen, GP, and Samantha have really been there for me this year.  Tristi, Kelly, Kristyna, and Sarah have been encouraging me a lot.

8) Theresa, our babysitter.  Her willingness to do whatever it takes to get food into Juliana allows me a mostly worry-free day.  She opens up her house so that Laura can do Juliana's speech therapy two days a week as well.  Plus, she genuinely loves my kids.

9) All of you who read my blog.  Whether or not you leave me a comment, I appreciate that you take the time to read what I write.

10) My life long friends, the crackbabies: Adriane, Cari, Juli, and Bucky (a later edition and leader).  Friends since junior high, it's like we haven't been apart when we get together.  Your text messages and checking in on facebook or through email make my day.  I miss you guys.

I am sure I am forgetting some, but at this time I will chalk it up to my brain injury and lack of sleep.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Hope you go to Pro Bass tomorrow! We are also thankful for the wonderful family that we have.

  2. So glad all of these wonderful people have been there to help you. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a great one!