Monday, February 8, 2010

First Birthday Party...

Noah got invited to his first birthday party, recently. Our friends, Emily and Derrick's little boy, Logan turned 3 on Sunday. We received an invitation to a party at "Pump It Up"- which is a place full of inflatables- slides, obstacle courses, a giant bouncy house, etc. It's a little kids dream. We put Noah down for an early nap, because we needed him fresh and un"cranky" for the party, especially because he didn't get a nap on Saturday.

We got to the location, and Noah was bursting with excitement. He didn't really know what we were going there to do, but he did see that we had a present with us. When we got there, the employees fawned all over Noah, building up the excitement even more. He got a stamp on his hand, and then we were ushered to a room to wait for everyone to arrive. Then, we got to watch the safety video, which I don't think any of the little kids understood, but that just helped build the excitement.

Finally, we got to go into the first arena. Noah started jumping up and down instead of walking. I was able to get his shoes off and then he and I were off and running. Ryan and I took times holding Juliana and doing the obstacle course with Noah. Finally, both of our arms were tired from helping Noah climb, and I was able to get Noah interested in the big slide. Then it was time to move to the next arena. More fun ensued, and even Juliana did well.

Sadly, our time was up, and Noah was sad. He didn't want to leave the last arena, but then I told him that we were going to go have cake and pizza. He went and sat at the table with all the kids, and he didn't want Momma helping him... until he needed me to cut his pizza. At the end of the party, Noah got a goody bag and gave Logan a hug (the last time Logan and Noah met, Noah was 3 weeks old and Logan was about 7 weeks). He babbled about the party the whole way home. Juliana held it together until we were 20 minutes from home and then she began to scream... which then led to her projectiling all over herself and her car seat as soon as we entered our neighborhood.
I was able to take some pictures with our old camera, which is not as good as our new camera.

Here's a picture of Noah at the top of the slide- look at the smile on his face.

Here's a picture with one of my co-workers, Tye and his son Henry. Both boys didn't want to come down the slide so that we could go to the next arena, so Tye helped out since he was already up there with Henry.


  1. So much FUN...thanks for the photos! Reminds me of the FARM, bet it will a a ton of fun this year!

  2. That slide looks fun! I'll go.... What a fun time for him.:o)

  3. So fun! Rori and Liam want Noah to go to Monkey Joe's with them! And so does Uncle Bill ;)