Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You...

Aren't these flowers beautiful and happy? Last night, while we were putting Noah to bed, the phone rang. When I listened to the message, it was Kelly, a lady at church that I've been getting to know. She wanted to drop off something for me. When she stopped by, she gave me these happy flowers, and a very nice card that made me cry. This morning, Noah saw the flowers, gasped and said, "Someone gave Momma beautiful flowers! Noah likes them a lot!"

If you couldn't tell, we've been stressed out for a while (I know, shocker, right?). This weekend, my mom and dad came down and watched the kids so that Ryan and I could go out to lunch and see a movie. It was nice to get out, but I'll admit, I was worried the whole time we were out. NOT because my parents can't handle my kids (they are wonderful with them), but Juliana had been extra cranky, not eating and not napping well. Of course, I didn't need to be worried, because Grandpa Jim was able to get her to eat 2 tubs of food (what's that about?), and spent some time snuggling with her in the rocking chair, while Grandma Vicki played with Noah.

My sister, Jaime, has been trying to figure out a way to help us as well. She has 3 kids of her own, but she wants to help us out. She and Bill had won a couples' massage at their New Year's party, and they wanted to give it to us. We didn't take it, but it was nice of them to offer.

Thank you for all the prayers and the offers to help out. There really isn't much anyone can do to help us, except to pray, and we are very grateful for that. We are blessed with wonderful family and friends. Please continue to pray for us. We go to Children's Memorial on March 5, to meet a different gastroenterologist who specializes in food aversion. Maybe he will be able to give us some direction.


  1. When are you going out again so we can watch them!?

  2. You know that you and Ryan want to get massaged by Helga and Ingrid!

  3. Those are happy flowers -- how sweet! So nice, too, that you and Ryan were able to get out for a little while...even if it wasn't for a massage.