Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good News...

I've had migraines since I was almost 15 years old. They run in our family. My parents dragged me to like a zillion doctors, before we found a place that specializes in migraines; the Diamond Headache Clinic. People with migraines come from all over the world to get treatment. I see Dr. Merle Diamond, whose father, Seymour is the founder of the clinic. I think she is a phenomenal physician, of course I could be biased, as I have been treated by her for 17 years.

Anyway, since January, I have been getting headaches. Not my usual migraines, different ones. They start at the back of my head as a pulsating ache that feels like my head is being squeezed in a vice, and then they spiral over the top of my head to the front of my head, until my whole head feels like it's pulsing and being squeezed. Sometimes I lose vision in my left eye. I've also started slurring my words at times and have been mixing up my words and spelling (I'm a pretty good speller) since then.

I knew that if I emailed Dr. Merle, she would make me come in to be checked out, so I put it off, because going to 2 doctors a week for Juliana has been very taxing on me, and I don't have the time or energy to get to the clinic. Ryan finally forced my hand and made me contact Merle. As I had suspected, she wanted me to come in immediately and get checked out. I told her very politely that that was not an option. I told her my appointment was in February and she could see me then. She emailed me back a compromise, I had to have an MRI done. I told her that that was fine, I could do that.

Last Friday I had my MRI. I had it done at a new facility, which was very nice. The technician was very nice to me. I get claustrophobic in the MRI tube- to me, it's like laying in a coffin with a very loud jackhammer beating on top of you, and your face is very close to the top of the coffin. She put a towel over my face, which helped. I even got a nice warm blanket laid on top of me. The best part was when she showed me a list of radio stations that I could choose from, so that I could listen to music while I was in the coffin. I chose the Christian music station, "The Message". The 45 minutes flew by, because my mind was distracted by the music.

When I got home, I emailed Merle and let her know that I had my MRI. She told me she would call to try to get them to have it read faster than normal. On Tuesday, someone from the clinic left me a message that I needed to call them because they had my results. I had to sub during my plan period on Tuesday- a lot of teachers called in "sick" because of the snow, so I didn't get a chance to call. I forgot to call on Wednesday, because I was writing my sub plans for today (Juliana is sick). So I emailed Merle last night. She told me my scan was normal, which for some reason, I already knew it would be. So that's great! Now we just need to figure out why I'm having these new headaches and slurring and mixing up my words.


  1. You're slurring and mixing up your words because you're stressed...I do it all the time and think I am having mini strokes...maybe its part of our charm! Love you bunches, MOM

  2. Mom's right. Parents are always right. Except, she isn't having mini strokes. You two are just showing the charm of being moms.

  3. I was worried about you and I am so glad your MRI came back normal!

  4. Good news that your MRI is normal & not so good news that you're having headaches like that!!! I don't think that laying on a beach chair (@ the beach) in the sunshine with a good book would hurt any. Maybe you should give it a try? I truly hope that things start getting easier soon! mom was one of the original Dr. Diamond's nurses when he started his practice before I was born. She loved working for him.

  5. Jenna - Glad to hear the good news. Glad to hear (from your mom's post) that it could be just a sign of stress. Lord knows you have enough to be stressed about. Will keep praying about that stuff. Thanks for the update.