Sunday, February 14, 2010

Growing Up So Fast...

I have been swimming with Noah since he was 6 months old. Yesterday at swim lessons, it was suggested to me that in the next session, Noah should move to the next level, which doesn't involve a parent. I knew the time was coming, but I didn't want to think about it. Every week, Noah has become more and more confident in the water. He isn't afraid to put his face in the water, and he loves the part of class where he gets to climb out of the water and jump in, because then he goes all the way under. Saturday's are our special "momma-Noah" swim time, and I'm not happy to give that up and just watch from the sideline. Next week is our last swim together, and it will be bittersweet for me, because I know that Noah is ready to move on, but I am not. I am reminded that now I get to start class with Juliana and I will have a few years left with her in the pool before she graduates through the classes to the one without a parent. They grow up so quickly, so treasure your time with your little ones!


  1. Well said Mama, bittersweet is a good word, I thought we had all the time in the world and we only had sive minutes...I treasure my time my my big girlies too. Love you!

  2. It's going by too fast! I'm registering for kindergarten in two weeks!

  3. I still think my babies need me.

  4. Noah is such a sweetheart!! Bless his little heart. Grandma Mahlberg