Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Big Pool...

Continuing on with vacation stories, we've got the big pool. The house we were staying at had an in-ground pool with a hot tub connected to it. The pool wasn't too big, it was the perfect size for the kids. Only one drawback... it reeked of bleach.

The first day we went swimming in it, I said to Ryan, "You brought 2 swim suits?" Ryan said, "No, I brought 1 swim suit." Me, "I thought you brought your green swim suit?" Ryan, "I did." Me, "Oh my gosh!" Why did I say that? Because, Ryan's swimsuit had gone from green to khaki after being in the pool for an hour. Bill's swimsuit went from red to a nice salmon color within a day of swimming in it. Fortunately it only affected their suits. The rest of ours were safe.
Ryan's swimsuit before: Ryan's swimsuit after:

We also got to spend an afternoon at our aunt and uncle's house. When Jaime and I were younger, we used to drive down to Florida every summer. We would spend most of the day in our cousins' large pool. It was nice to see our kids swimming in it and having fun. Noah keeps talking about, "cousin Nicky's big pool". My aunt had gone out and bought a bunch of noodles and pool toys and the kids swam for a long time having fun.


  1. Cousin Nicky's pool was way better than the bleach pool!

  2. I think I'd choose pool #2! Bleach? Oh dear! At least it would kill the fleas.

  3. Wow! The change in that swimsuit is crazy! I thought Raging Waves was bad! Yikes!
    Looks like you guys had fun though. I love the whale float!

  4. I LOVE those screened in pools! YIKES about the bleach!