Friday, July 16, 2010

Pretty Princess...

The little girl had several appointments this week. First we had our two days of therapy. Finally, she made it through physical therapy without crying, much to my and Miss Meghan's surprise. Her Tuesday session did not fare well. She was horribly cranky and cried quite a bit.

Wednesday she had her neurologist visit. I was pleased to find out that she had made a giant leap in her gross motor functions and tested in the 10-12 month old group. On the down side, she only made slight movement in her fine motor skill and speech, but a gain is a gain and I'll take it. Socially, she tested right where she should be at the 14 month stage. I left the office very pleased, because it has been so long since we've had any type of win for the little girl.

Thursday we saw her cardiologist. I was again pleased to hear that her murmur was fainter which means that the medium sized hole is closing. I wasn't as pleased to find out that her left ventricle was still enlarged. Her doctor wants to monitor this, so we go back in 6 months.

So, we had some fairly good doctor visits, and that made me feel good. But what made me feel even better, were these beautiful pictures that my mom took of my little princess wearing a dress that I once wore. Isn't she gorgeous?


  1. Yes she is gorgeous and score a few for the family!

  2. She is soooooooooo cute!! Can't wait to see her Sat.
    ps: can't wait to see big brother too! (love Frampa)

  3. Oh Jenna, I'm so pleased that you heard some positive news from the doctors! Hopefully, there will be more to come!

    She is the sweetest thing too! A sweet little girl and a grandma who knows how to take pictures, what a great combination! :)

  4. I'm glad you got some good news. She IS a pretty princess!

  5. Thank you for your comment! :) and she is SO ADORABLE! How would I love to babysit if I was nearby :)