Friday, July 30, 2010

Letters From Marwan...

When Noah was 2, we decided for Easter to pick a child from Compassion International for him to sponsor. We wanted a boy with a birthday in March, the same as Noah's. We chose Marwan from the Phillipines. He's a cute little boy with a mischevious look about him, which pretty much sealed the deal for us. Marwan is 3 years older than Noah, so now he is 6.

Noah has enjoyed getting letters from Marwan. He likes to pick out stickers to send him, or picking out coloring pages to send him. He also enjoys telling me what he wants me to write down in the letters that we send back.

A few days ago, I had mentioned to Ryan that we hadn't received a letter in a while. Yesterday we got a letter from him. In it, he told us that he had been very sick and had lost weight. He also mentioned that he missed his mom a lot. The letter didn't go into it, but mentioned that there was a problem with Marwan's dad and his mom was living at Marwan's uncle's house. His letter kept mentioning how much he missed his mom and wanted her to come home soon. It broke our hearts to read about this and there isn't anything we can do except pray about it.

If you remember, please pray for Marwan- that he gains back the weight he lost and that his mom comes back home.


  1. Dear Gott, Please watch over Marwan, make him healthy again and bring his mom safely home to him.

  2. Very sweet that Noah loves and prays for a little boy on the other side of the world. Hope your next letter is full of good news....his mom home and better health.

  3. I totally meant to comment earlier, I'm so sorry about Marwan! I know that you guys really love him!

  4. Aww I hope he gets better soon. Gosh I wonder what happened...Ill keep him in my prayers.