Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A good first day, a rough second day...

Yesterday was our first day without Ryan, who went back to work. I was anticipating a rough day, but instead we had a great day. Ladybug slept quite a bit, so Noah and I had plenty of mama/Noah time. We even played outside while she slept in her crib in the morning. The afternoon was a little rougher, as I didn't get to nap when the kids napped. Ladybug literally projectiled her entire bottle everywhere. So when I got done cleaning everything and everyone up, Noah was getting up from his nap. We did play outside a little while in the afternoon but didn't really stay out there until after Daddy came home. A wonderful lady from church brought us dinner, which was so nice because then we didn't have to cook anything. Noah was happy, because there was mac n cheese and corn, both of which are "yellow". He's like, "oh, yellow!" and starts to dig in- it's very funny.

Today was a different case. Ladybug cried on and off for most of the morning. Noah was a trooper though. He would go upstairs to get his Nuks when he started to get really worried, and then when he was done he would put them back in his crib. He also played "wash the dishes" for about an hour. As desperation for ladybug to stop crying was coming over me, I remembered that we had never given Noah his Easter basket (yes, we're horrible parents), so I brought that out and he entertained himself coloring and putting stickers everywhere. I tried to feed him lunch, and he was too upset to eat- he ate half of a cereal bar. Then, I put him for his nap. He went down like a champ. After 3 trys at putting ladybug to sleep, she finally went to sleep, and I was able to also nap- which I really needed. This afternoon, Noah and I played outside until it started to "nain" as Noah calls it. I was very thankful that Ryan came home on time today. I really needed him home.


  1. I'm sorry you had such a rough day and baby Noah too--he's a sensy you know

  2. I wish I lived closer...I'm sorry Ladybug cried so much...hope her tummy feels better tomorrow and Noah must have been in shock. I love you all. MOM

  3. Hey Jenna - Sorry about the rough day... I hope they get better. I love hearing Noah's big brother stories though, what a sweetheart.

    I don't know if my name is going to show up when I post this so...

    Love, Yo!