Thursday, May 14, 2009

Visit to the cardiologist...

Today we took ladybug to the cardiologist. Our appointment was at 8 am, which meant we all had to be out of the house by 6:45. Ryan got Noah ready and I got ladybug ready. Noah was a little traumatized by the speed of the morning, as he has become accustomed to a slower tempo since I've been home. We dropped him off at Theresa's, because we didn't know how long the appointment would take. He was very excited to see Theresa, but when I left he started to whimper. I checked on him later, and he was doing fine- he was helping Theresa around the house (that's my boy!). Ladybug slept the entire way to the office, which was a good thing because with the storms last night traffic was stop and go with lights being out. We met our doctor's nurse, Julie, who did an EKG on ladybug, took her blood pressure (on her leg with the world's smallest cuff), and did her pulse oxygen (on her foot). Then we saw the doctor, the same doctor we saw in the hospital. He was glad to see that ladybug had gained 2 ounces, and told us to keep getting her to eat. He wants her to gain some weight (as we all do). He showed us the EKG, and showed us that her heart was skipping a beat. He also was able to hear that with his stethoscope. The murmur is still there as well. He wants to see us back in 6 weeks, but if she starts breathing rapidly we have to go back earlier. For the most part the visit was positive, but I wasn't expecting another bomb to be dropped on us with the heart skipping.

After we left the office, we fed ladybug and then she slept the whole way home. I picked Noah up, and he was a little fragile- he didn't even want to play outside (that's not my boy). He just wanted to sit either on my lap or as close to me as he could get and snuggle. I'll take that any day! Now, both my ray of sunshine and ladybug are napping, and I think I will as well. Please keep ladybug and her heart in your prayers. Thanks!


  1. We will pray Ladybug and you and your family through this...I love you and can't wait to hold her again. MOM

  2. Gee Jenna, Ladybug sounds like a strong little one. I will be praying for her healing and to gain some weight. Her pictures are beautiful. I have been following your blog to see what's going on. You and Ryan sound like you're doing a great job of giving attention to both the kids. I am glad you get to be home for some time with them both. I hope you get to have good naps. dori