Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Sister the Life Saver...

Yesterday, I was feeling extra guilty about Noah and his lack of attention- he was very very VERY fragile yesterday. I asked my sister when she was going to come down and visit with Noah's 2 cousins. She told me she could come on Tuesday (which is today). I was excited! Noah would get to play with someone other than his Mama, Daddy, and himself.
Jaime is almost 5 months pregnant, but she drove down anyway, after putting Rori's bike in the van, and Liam's big red car in the van. At first when they arrived, Noah was overwhelmed, but then Auntie Jaime asked him if he wanted to go outside. I've never seen the kid run so fast to get his shoes while yelling "outside! outside!". I was trying to put ladybug down for a nap, so Jaime took all 3 kids to the backyard. It was pure chaos, but Jaime handled it like a champ- this is why she is a Super Mom, and will do fine with 3 (or more- just kidding, Jaimers) kids.

After they played in the backyard for a while, Jaime decided to switch things up a bit. She got out Rori's bike and Liam's car and took all 3 around the block. She pushed both Noah and Liam in their cars while Rori rode in front of them. I made lunches while they were out. When they came back, everyone except Liam ate lunch- Liam eventually ate some lunch but was more interested in Noah's cars. Then, while I got ladybug up to feed her and put her back down, Jaime took all the kids outside again. Noah has become Rori's little shadow. He followed her around the backyard, held her hand, and chased her. Rori did really well with him. When they left, all the kids hugged each other, it was so sweet. I took some pictures of the day, but didn't get pictures of them hugging each other unfortunately. Maybe this weekend when we finally celebrate Jaime's birthday.


  1. Wish I was there, I got to go to work! Love MOM

  2. Nothing better than little kids playing and laughing and having fun together. I'm jealous that I wasn't there.

  3. It was our pleasure--really! The kids had fun and so did I! It was one of the few times I get Noah's attention instead of mom :)