Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special Friends and Birthdays...

I've mentioned before that we have 2 dogs. Well, our Boxer, Finchy, is Noah's special friend and protector. He lets Noah do basically anything to him and still comes back to him. Noah's poured sand on him, tackled him, tried to ride him etc, and Finchy is still always there for him. Don't get me wrong, Finchy can hold his own with Noah. He's also tackled Noah before, and Noah's gotten his fair share of kisses from him, but the 2 of them are best friends. Last week, I was having a rough day with Juliana- Wednesday's seem to be our bad days. She was crying and couldn't be consoled, and Noah was worried. Finchy climbed up on the couch, and let Noah "worry" his ears- Finchy hates for his ears to be touched. When Ryan cleans them he always yelps as soon as Ryan attempts to touch them, but for Noah he just laid there and let him "worry" his ears.

This weekend, we finally celebrated my sister's birthday. Everyone was finally healthy, and Ryan and I had fallen into somewhat of a routine with Noah and Juliana. Noah was happy to see his cousins and they ran around together. Noah followed Rori everywhere and would drag her wherever he wanted to go. Juliana also had a big day- she was held by everyone! Normally when she's sleeping we put her either in her crib or bassinet, but not this day. Everyone wanted to hold our little girl, and she did really well.

Great-grandma Rose

Rori Rose (who was very proud to hold her and whispered to her about the Disney Princesses)


Auntie Jaime (aka The Baby Whisperer)

Grandpa Jim


  1. Even though there is no picture Uncle Billy did hold Juliana as well.--Uncle Billy

  2. What a thrill to see GGRose holding her...Juliana had her finger and was holding it tight. Love you all, MOM