Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day...

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and my husband made it a nice one for me. First, he got up with both kids and let me sleep in- it was a good thing too, because my migraine medicine made me so groggy I couldn't have gotten up if I had to. Second, he gave me 5 coupons, each for a night of uninterrupted sleep where he will sleep in ladybug's room with her and with Noah's baby monitor. I know for sure when I'll be redeeming one of them- after he gets home from being out of town for a week (see, he will have had uninterrupted sleep for all those nights at the hotel). Third, the kids printed me out pictures of shoes and I get to pick a pair, because after this last pregnancy, my feet have gotten bigger and I don't have many shoes that I can fit into. Fourth, we took a nap together while both kids were sleeping, and then when ladybug woke up, he took her downstairs to let me continue napping. All in all it was a great day. I just wish he didn't have to go back to work or out of town :-(

Today I drove Noah and ladybug to the chiropractor. I thought it was going to be a circus act, but it wasn't. Noah sat nicely on a chair while I got adjusted and ladybug slept in her car seat. Then, Noah climbed onto the table to get adjusted and ladybug slept in her car seat. Then, Noah sat back in the chair, while ladybug got adjusted. She cried pretty good, but I remember when Noah was that little and got adjusted, he would usually cry the whole way home. Ladybug only cried a quarter of the way home. Since Noah was so good, I decided to get him a happy meal for lunch- the chicken nugget meal. While he ate that, I ate some cold pizza from last night. Of course, Noah wanted that instead. He ate an entire piece of pizza by himself. Then, Jaime called and while I was talking to her, Noah decided to dump his juice box all over himself and his lunch (which I had planned on saving since he didn't eat much besides the pizza). I, of course, had just told Jaime that Noah never makes a mess with the juice box, he never squeezes it or plays with it. I won't use the word, "never", again, since that blew up in my face.

Well, both of my angels are napping right now, and I would like to catch some sleep as well- ladybug was up every 3 hours last night wanting to eat, and Noah got up at 5:30, so I'm kind of tired.

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  1. So glad you had a nice Momma's Day. What a nice hubby you have...and Ray and MOM