Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Boy and His Dinosaur...

Noah has a special stuffed animal.  A stegosaurus to be exact.  His name is Steggy- Noah named him (his real name is Morris Stegosaurus from Dinosaur Train, but try telling Noah that and see where it gets you).  Steggy goes everywhere with Noah, day care, church, swim lessons, doctor's appointments, preschool, etc.

Thursday night everything that could go wrong did.  Ryan's car barely got him home from work before it broke down.  Then, Juliana projectiled at the dinner table for the first time in about a month (everyone still remembered the clean up drill though, so that was good).  As I was getting ready to wash Juliana's hair, I noticed something and said, "Noah, why did you bring Steggy into the bathtub?"  Noah immediately realized his mistake- Steggy is a stuffed animal and not a bathtub toy and started to cry.  I told him it was going to be alright.  I took Steggy to the sink and started to ring him out, but he was really wet.  I looked at his tag, and it said do not put in dryer- who makes a kiddie toy that you can't put in the dryer?!?  I put Steggy in front of a fan and turned the fan on high in hopes that Steggy would be dry by Noah's bed time. 

I finished their baths and got them into their pj's.  Noah went and stood by the fan and told Steggy how sorry he was that he got him wet and that it would be okay.  Since Ryan was out at the car parts store, I was going to put Juliana to bed and I could see that Noah was worried about Steggy, so I tried to distract him with a tv show, but that didn't work; he wanted to stay with Steggy.

At Noah's bedtime, I read him his stories and then it came time to get into bed.  He asked me for Steggy.  Steggy was still pretty wet, so Noah laid a blanket down next to his bed for Steggy to sleep on.  He climbed into his bed and I started to cover him up.  He was trying so hard to be brave, but I could hear him whimpering.  I went into the closet and grabbed 2 of Noah's old baby blankets and wrapped Steggy in them.  Then I handed Steggy to Noah who grabbed him and tucked him under his blankets.  "Thanks Mom!  You're the best Mom ever!"  And they fell asleep, just a boy and his dinosaur.


  1. Frampa wants to know if Steggy is dry yet...I remember your best friend Sniffles...the mouse doesn't fall far from the dinosaur. You should post a photo of Sniffles with Steggy.

  2. What a sweet boy! I love my nephew sooooo much! I want to buy him a second steggy :)

  3. Steggy probably needed a bath. Is he dry yet? We have a food dehydrator...used it for wet cell might work?

  4. You are the best mom ever! I have to agree though, who makes a stuffed animal that can't be easily cleaned??? Good thing Noah is so sweet.