Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miss Meghan...

Meet Miss Meghan.  She recently discharged Juliana from Physical Therapy, but before she did that, she worked wonders with our little girl.  When we met Miss Meghan, Juliana was almost one year old.  Juliana could not sit up on her own (you had to sit her up), she couldn't roll over on her own, she wasn't crawling, pulling up, or doing any of the "normal" things that a typical one year old child does.

The first few sessions with Meghan involved lots of crying by Juliana.  Meghan made Juliana work hard and she didn't like it at first.  Meghan would put weights (we called them "pretty bracelets") around Juliana's legs and make her stand up, go up and down the stairs, or crawl on the floor, and Juliana didn't like it one bit at first.  She would scream and scream the entire time.  Meghan usually saved that part for the end, but it paid off.  Juliana is now walking and running.

Learning to stand up last August while popping bubbles
Juliana and Noah loved Meghan.  Both would wait at the front door for her.  Meghan always let Noah participate in Juliana's session, and Noah appreciated that a lot.  At Christmas time Meghan bought both kids Christmas presents.  Now that's generosity!

When Meghan was doing Juliana's re-eval, I knew she was going to say that Juliana did not qualify for Early Intervention.  It made me happy and sad at the same time.  Happy, because that meant that Juliana had caught up- she only has a 20% delay now.  Sad, because in that year we spent with Meghan, she became like a family member and now we don't get to see her anymore.

Thank you for everything, Meghan.  We love and miss you.
Meghan's last session with Juliana


  1. Love the last picture! Thank you Miss Meghan!

  2. I got to meet Miss Meghan...she is a wonderful young lady...congrats on your engagement! Grandma Vicki