Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miss Suzy...

Meet Miss Suzy.  Suzy is Juliana's Occupational Therapist.  Our first OT was Ms. Connie, and we loved her to death, but she had to leave us unexpectedly and Miss Suzy took her place in October.  Suzy works with Juliana on her fine motor skills, sensory issues, and moving from task to task.  She definitely works hard (all our therapists do- have I mentioned that Juliana is stubborn?).

Juliana loves Suzy and is excited when she comes to the house.  As soon as Suzy enters, Juliana immediately begins to point at Suzy's giant bag of "toys" because she wants to play.  With Suzy's help, Juliana has started to use a pincer grasp really well with her right hand, she's still developing it with her left.  She can use a spoon fairly well and is starting to be able to use a fork.  She now holds her bottle or sippy cup (yes, she still drinks out of a bottle- don't judge me until you try to feed her yourself) by herself.  She tolerates bouncing on a pilates ball- she used to scream if she was seated on it for even a moment, she didn't like being bounced on it or rocked on it.  She is also just beginning to use her left hand- most of the time it just stays at her side.

Suzy was also the therapist who was with me the day I had to call 911, and I will be forever grateful that she was in the house with me.  She helped me to stay calm and keep my head even though I wanted to cry and scream and freak out because my daughter wasn't breathing.

So, thank you Suzy, for all that you have done for Juliana, especially for being there on that very scary day that is burned into my mind forever.


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  1. I have not met Miss Suzy, but I too am grateful that you were there on that are just a puppy, I was imagining you much older! Grandma Vicki