Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break 2011...

Spring break flew by this year, and we were sure busy!  If you looked at my calendar (some of my friends at work caught a glimpse) you would have seen that every day had at least 1-2 appointments scheduled.  While it was busy week, it was still nice to enjoy a week off with my kids.  I'm going to give you a little glimpse into what we did last week...

Monday: We started the morning off with a trip to the post office to mail our favorite girl Holly her birthday present, and on the way home stopped off at the library to pick up some Curious George books for Noah.  After we got home, Juliana had her visit with Laura, her amazing speech therapist.  Later that day, Juliana had her visit with Meghan, her equally amazing physical therapist.  It was then that we were given the news that Meghan would be discharging Juliana from Early Intervention, because her delay was not great enough.  Ryan and I had seen that coming, and this was great news to hear, but bittersweet at the same time.  When you work with the same therapists for almost a year, they become like family members (but I will save that post for another time).

Mrs. Laura

Miss Meghan

Tuesday: Juliana and I started out with our drive downtown to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, which is on the campus of Northwestern University.  It's not a tough drive for me to do alone, although the GPS did want me to turn left on a street with "no left turns" allowed.  Nevertheless, we got there.  However, when I had looked at the time on my calendar, I had looked at the time for our Wednesday appointment which was for 9 AM.  Our appointment was at 10 AM, we were an hour and a half early.  Fortunately the floor our doctor is on has a children's play area, and Juliana was happy playing there and flirting with the man behind the desk.  Our appointment with Dr. Gaebler went well (I really like her) and she is going to do some digging to hopefully help us get some answers to Juliana's "seizure/non-seizure" last month.  We then ended the day with our appointment with our chiropractor.
Playing at the RIC

Wednesday: I hadn't slept well, and I had a birthday coffee coupon (free medium coffee) from Dunkin Donuts, so once the kids woke up, we went through the drive-thru and got myself a coffee, Noah a sprinkle donut, and Juliana 2 munchkins.  1 of my former students was working the window, and refused to take payment for the donuts, which was kind of cool.  Then, Juliana had her Developmental Therapy evaluation.  I was slightly cocky about this one.  Since she didn't qualify for DT last year when she was evaluated, I figured she wouldn't qualify this year.  Yeah, that's what happens when you get cocky.  Fortunately, the areas she has her delays in are being treated with speech therapy, so we don't have to add in another therapy.  From there, we went to do Noah's 4 year check up with Dr. Russell.  It went really well.  Noah weighed in at a whopping 33 lbs 7 oz, so he won't be moving to a booster seat in the car for a while, and he's 40 inches tall.  Juliana was a bit confused when we were there because she is so used to being the center of attention at the doctor's that she didn't understand why she wasn't being examined.  Then we played outside all afternoon.



Dr. Russell
Thursday: We spent the morning and part of the afternoon up at Jaime's.  The kids liked that they got to spend time with their cousins and meet Jaime & Bill's new dog, Igor.  Then, we had to leave, because it was time for Juliana's Early Intervention meeting.  Juliana's meeting went well.  Juliana qualified for everything except for Physical Therapy, but Meghan suggested that she be re-evaluated in three months since she is at risk of falling behind again.  It took about an hour to go through everyone's evaluation and set the new goals, but this time I knew what to expect- last time it was hard to hear everything that she had a delay in- it depressed me for days.

Miss Suzy holding conference with Laura and Meghan

Friday: This was our low-key day.  We only had one thing on the calendar- lunch with Ryan and Uncle Jeff.  We drove up to Ryan's work, picked him up, and met up with Uncle Jeff at this yummy Greek restaurant.  There was so much food left that we were able to bring home the leftovers to eat for Saturday's lunch.

Juliana's first gyro
Lunch with Daddy and Uncle Jeff

So that is just a glimpse into our spring break activities.  We were busy, but we had fun too.


  1. We had fun with you guys on Thursday! I'm glad you had time to come see us :)

  2. What a great post! MOM

  3. Fun pics!:0) Your kids are cuties. Juliana has changed so much since the last pics I saw....she's beautiful. guys had a full spring break! I think you need a break from your break!

  4. You were definitely not kidding when you said you had a busy spring break! Sheesh! At least it seems like there were some high points for sure in that week which is good. Looks like Noah and Juliana had a fun time and I am sure they loved spending time with you! Miss you guys!

  5. Oh I love this post and the pics of your kids. They're growing up :) I love how one of your former students wouldn't let you pay at Dunkin Donuts :) And my Mom has been through a lot of the developmental delay stuff with Becky-- keep your chin up. Regardless of what the numbers say, you know what your little girl is capable of!