Monday, September 6, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas...

Last year Grandpa Jim got us all tickets to a Day Out With Thomas. Everyone had a great time at it, except Juliana, who was a nightmare. She screamed the the entire time we were there, except when we were riding on Thomas. It didn't help that it was the hottest day in August and Juliana was overheated.

This year, we were bound and determined to not have the "Juliana experience" again, especially since August was heating up again. Ryan came up with a great idea- ice packs. We dressed Juliana in a very light outfit and packed a bunch of ice packs and a towel for the stroller. I know it seems odd to pack your daughter in ice packs, but if you've ever felt Juliana, you've noticed that she runs a bit warmer than most people.

And guess what? EVERYONE had a great time! Juliana even let a nice older man put a tattoo on her arm. Juliana did succeed in melting the ice packs, and she was cooler than the rest of us. She didn't even melt down until right about the time we were going to leave, so it worked out well for us. Noah had an amazing time. I didn't think he could get more excited than he was last year but I was wrong. Plus, since Juliana was in a better mood, we got to tour the train museum, which Noah thought was very cool.

Here are some pictures from our "day out with Thomas". Thanks Frampa!


  1. I'm glad you guys had a nice time! smart thinking w/ the ice packs!

  2. Looks like fun! I still have a Thomas halloween costume if Noah is still interested.....