Monday, September 6, 2010

This Is Not A Drill...

Juliana goes through spurts of projectiling. A few weeks ago she was switched to a high calorie drink- Boost 1.5, which she actually will drink. The down side to it, is if she drinks more than 4 ounces at a sitting, she projectiles it. Sometimes she projectiles it if she drinks less than 4 ounces. It's more or less a guessing game. Most of the time "main event" occurs at dinner time. We basically have it down to a science now.

Juliana gets this look on her face, and her mouth forms a perfect "0". Ryan and I immediately move items out of the way at the dinner table, and I grab the "chuck bucket"- if there's time. Noah knows to leave the dinner table and go sit on the couch in the living room (he starts to gag & then that's more vomit to clean up). If it's early into the meal, one of us sets up a tv tray and Noah finishes his dinner in the living room- poor kid. The dogs even know what to do by now. They either go into the living room with Noah or they go and sit on the steps if dinner is mostly over. After she finishes, I get her bath ready and Ryan cleans up her high chair. Noah will come up and help with her bath then.

Now, sometimes it happens while Ryan is putting her to bed. Then the role is reversed. I clean up the room and the floor and Ryan gives her the bath if needed.

Today, we got to do both. I'm not going to lie, it's starting to get a little old. It really is. I think we've cleaned up more vomit in Juliana's 16 months than most people have.


  1. I would be very tired of it too. We always tell people how you guys have it down to a science. sad.

  2. That's quite the routine you guys have going on.:o( Doesn't sound like much fun. I sure hope it starts getting better soon. Sounds like Noah is a trooper.:o)