Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Less Than A Pound...

Juliana had her weight check today. 2 weeks ago, she weighed in at 17 lbs 9.1 ounce. Going in, we knew it wouldn't be pretty given the events of last week. As Juliana sat naked on the scale, the nurse and I kept saying, "go up, up, up" and then, "awwwww" as the average light came on, and the weight settled at 17 lbs 8.7 ounces. Part of me wanted to cry because I was angry, and part of me was happy because I was glad that she hadn't lost MORE than that. Honestly, with how active Juliana is, I was surprised she hadn't lost more weight given how little she has been eating.

Ever since my brain injury I have struggled with anger management. After I got both kids in their car seats, I struggled with the urge to punch the side of the van and scream obscenities (yes, the ugly side rears its head). I held back and instead got into the van and turned it on. A song came on the radio and the lyrics caught my attention, so I picked up my cell phone and called Ryan. He answered right away. I told him her weight. I could hear the disappointment in his voice, but like me he was glad the weight loss wasn't greater. "It is what it is and we can't control it", he said, and he's right. We have 2 weeks to get some weight back on her, and I'm going to try to not stress about it. I just really don't want to have a G-tube put in her.

On a different note, one of my childhood friends has a little girl with Down's Syndrome who is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning. If you could keep them in your prayers I know they would really appreciate it. It certainly makes Juliana's issues seem small knowing they are going through something as major as this.


  1. I will be bathing Juliana in prayer these next two weeks (and you too).....praying that she will gain weight and keep things down. Health issues sure make everything else pale in comparison!

  2. I would be happy to give her some of my lbs.