Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disappointment With A Hint Of Relief (Maybe)...

I can't sleep. Yesterday we had our visit to Dr. Fishbein. It went just how I expected/dreamed it would go. They weighed Juliana. She went from 17 lbs 15 oz to 17 lbs 7 oz. She lost half a pound- HALF A FREAKING POUND. I explained that she had had the stomach flu earlier in the week and since then had only gone one day without projectilile vomiting. The nurse was sympathetic, but Dr. Fishbein was not.

Ryan was not able to come with me to the doctor's appointment- he only gets so many vacation days a year, and he tries to save some of them for when we are together as a family- so my dad came with in case I needed support. I had pretty much readied myself for anything Dr. Fishbein was going to throw my way. When he looked at all her weight checks from the 2 months I took her to the pediatricians every 2 weeks and had her weighed, and he looked at everything else, I could tell from the look on his face he was not pleased.

Long story short, Monday October 25 - Tuesday October 26, Juliana will be admitted to Children's Memorial downtown. While she is there she will be seen by a bunch of specialized doctors, therapists, and Ryan and I will meet with a general surgeon who will discuss with us about putting in yes, the dreaded G-tube. Dr. Fishbein asked me what I thought about this, and I told him that I wanted to vomit- I didn't tell him that inside my brain I was screaming the "F" word over and over (thank God I had my filter that day, especially since Noah was with at the appointment- I don't need him learning about Momma's potty mouth).

We are also starting Juliana on an appetite stimulant, to see if that can help her gain weight in any way. Who knew they made those kinds of medicines?

So, that is where we stand. It's a little overwhelming, I'm not going to lie. Fortunately, my parents live 90 miles away, and my mom is going to come and watch Noah for us so that we can be with Juliana (Mom, I already started preparing Noah for this and he is excited to have "Framma" all alone to himself and wants to know if "Frampa & Frampa" are also coming).

It could be worse though. It's only hospitalization for 2 days, and Ryan and I have NOT agreed to the G-tube yet, we need to hear all our options before we decide. We are glad that we will be in a central location, that Juliana will be seen by many doctors, and that maybe when we leave they may have a diagnosis as to why our little girl won't eat and won't gain weight (that's the relief part). Anyway, just keep us in your prayers please.


  1. You are always in our prayers, you and your lovely family.

  2. It's funny how people look at the same situation and see different things. I thought the Dr understood the weight loss because of the flu but I got the impression he was looking beyond that and not seeing significant weight gains in Julianna overall. I thought he was frustrated because all of the specialists and therapists he had you going to had not given him a diagnosis to work with. So, I believe that is why he wanted to admit Juliana to line up the specialists and therapists so he could corner them and get a solid answer. Lets pray that the antihistamine appetite stimulant works and she starts to eat like knuckle bill when there is beef and corn in front of him.

  3. Glad your dad was able to go with you, Noah & Juliana....difficult times seem easier when your dad is there. I sure hope the Drs./specialists can get their acts together and figure out what's going on with your pumpkin. It sounds like your Dr. is starting to feel the same way. We will be bathing Juliana, the 25th & 26th, the Drs. and you guys in prayer. Hope the app. stimulant helps.